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PRODUCT DIVERSITY providing industry cables, outside plant copper cables and building cables, SCS Cable has it all. Within these categories are multiple sub-categories of products covering the broadest spectrum of wire and cable needs. Product diversity gives SCS Cable the unique ability to control and manufacture all components of its many composite cable offerings. Plus multiple manufacturing facilities means deliverability on demand will be easier. To be the best vendor in the industry, SCS Cable is continuously enhancing its product portfolio through innovations and alliances with a number of strategic local manufacturer partners.
SERVICE WITH SOLUTIONS For products with a wide availability there is another reason SCS Cable customers ask for SCS Cable products. That reason is SCS Cable service. Service with solutions. Given the rich history behind the creation of this market leader, it’s clear there are hundreds of years of experience among our employees, and our best customers rely on that experience. This trust and loyalty comes through responsiveness that is quick to act, a flexibility to accommodate special demands and a pride in the professionalism of service. But it is this industry knowledge that brings that added dimension of problem-solving customers have come to value most. When that occurs, the product is no longer the driving force and the brand preference is crystal clear.
DEFINING QUALITY To say SCS Cable has ISO 9000 and TL 9000 registration at every manufacturing facility assures a level of quality and performance of the company’s products and service. But there is much more to the commitment to quality. SCS Cable conducts frequent testing of products, like the testing of the Cobra Category 5e Plus cable at 30,000 foot increments, far exceeding industry standards. Beyond quality assurance is a commitment to bring value-added elements to our products, thus enhancing their quality. ”Craft-friendly packaging” features such as color-coded labels provide better on-site accuracy. Wide mouthed boxes help eliminate tangling. The QuickCount feature makes it easier to get the length you need every time. At SCS Cable, quality is simple—getting what is expected with every delivery.