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Our heritage spans more than two decades. We trace our history back to 1992, when the NHH Cable Company Ltd was founded in Shanghai, China. That manufacture base initially equipped with machinery for electronic and building cables. Ready Tech Company Limited was founded in 2007 in Hong Kong. In 2014, Ready Tech Company Limited acquired NHH Cable Company Ltd. and formed SCS Cable, which is now based in Shanghai, China.

Summary of what has happened during last two decades.

  • 1992NHH Cable Company Ltd was founded with investment of 4 million RMB,with manufactory facilities for electronic
    wire and building cables.
  • 1999NHH invested 25 million RMB for their LAN cable facilities. It became one of the pioneers capable to make LAN
    cables in China. Since then business grew up rapidly.
  • 2002NHH entered into OEM/ODM market, and has won many long term contracts for the top brands in the world.
  • 2007Due to the market booming both in China and internationally, Ready Tech Company Limited was founded in Hong Kong,
    to act international marketing and sales operation not only for NHH Cable but also for strategic alliances.
  • 2014Due to economic crises, NHH and Ready Tech re-focused their market position. Ready Tech acquired NHH Cable
    and SCS Cable was registered as tis trading name. The need for product diversity, quality, and service and to coordinate
    with our manufacture bases to improve productivity, SCS Cable key operations moved to Shanghai, China.