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Our heritage spans more than two decades. We trace our history back to 1992, when the NHH Cable Company Ltd was founded in Shanghai, China. That manufacture base initially equipped with machinery for electronic and building cables. Ready Tech Company Limited was founded in 2007 in Hong Kong. In 2014, Ready Tech Company Limited acquired NHH Cable Company Ltd. and formed SCS Cable, which is now based in Shanghai, China.

Summary of what has happened during last two decades.

  • 1992NHH有线公司投资400万元,与制造设施的电子线、建筑电缆。
  • 1999投资2500万元对NHH LAN电缆设施。它成为一个能够使局域网电缆在中国的先驱。此后业务迅速增长。
  • 2002完全进入OEM / ODM市场,并赢得了世界一流品牌的许多长期合同。
  • 2007由于市场在中国和国际上蓬勃发展,READY TECH CO.,成立于香港,作为国际营销和销售运营不仅为NHH电缆也为战略联盟。
  • 2014由于经济危机,NHH和READY TECH CO.,重新集中自己的市场地位。READY TECH CO.,获得完全的电缆和电缆是南海注册为公司名称。
    产品多样性,质量和服务的需要,并与我们的生产基地协调,以提高生产力,SCS CABLE 的关键业务转移到上海,中国。